Well, Hello There

My name is Mark Dulaney!

I know you are busy,

so to save you time,

here is what I am offering you today. . .

A Course Called

"The 8-Day Minus 250 Calories A Day Challenge"

The goal is to shift your focus from results to the activities that create the results!

Over 8 days you will learn 24 activities to eliminate 250 calories a day to lose 2 to 4 pounds a month!

But, rather then selling you on the course,

I am giving you the first lesson


In this first FREE lesson

You will learn the primary difference between those who:

1. Have given up on setting goals!

2. Set goals but never really get started accomplishing them!

3. Set goals, start strongly, but ultimately drift back to what they did before!

4. Set goals, work steadily at them, and then Accomplish most of their goals!

Finally Meet Patrick S.

Patrick is a full time engineer with a wife and five (that is right 5) children who worked with me for one year and spent a couple of hours with me to provide a video testimonial.

Here are some excepts and how I helped him in these specific areas of life.

His summary of the benefits of working with me

How my impact on his mind impacts his body

Impact on his relationships with wife & children

Ways I helped him more than a fitness coach

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